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Thread Prefixes

You may have noticed a drop-down select box next to the thread subject while making a new thread. This is for you to add a thread prefix, which specifies the type of download you are sharing in your thread.

Uploading your creations directly to RCTgo

You can upload all of your coasters, parks, scenarios, pools, peep groups, structures, and custom scenery packs directly to RCTgo's website. All you have to do is go to rctgo.net/downloads/upload, select your files, fill in the information, and click Upload!

Uploading screenshots and other files to the forums

You can attach files directly to your posts here. We allow for unlimited uploads to the forum via the attachments system. While making your post, select the file you would like to attach at the bottom of the posting page by clicking "Browse...", then click Add Attachment. You can add up to 25 attachments to each post.

You can "insert" these attachments into your post by clicking on "Insert Into Post" next to the attachment (after it has been uploaded). Otherwise, it will be listed at the bottom of the post.

Downloading creations

We currently have over 1100 downloads hosted at our downloads center, making it a great source for RCT3 downloads. However, you can also download attachments from the forum or from other sources.

Files to be used in-game should be placed in the following directories:

Roller Coasters:
Documents / RCT3 / Coasters

Sandbox Parks:
Documents / RCT3 / Parks

Scenarios that you want to play as a scenario:
Documents / RCT3 / Scenarios

Scenarios that you want to play as a sandbox park:
Documents / RCT3 / Parks

Documents / RCT3 / Structures

MixMaster Shows:
Documents / RCT3 / Fireworks

Firework Effects:
Documents / RCT3 / FireworkEffects

Laser Effects:
Documents / RCT3 / LaserEffects

Laser Writing:
Documents / RCT3 / LaserWriting

Water Jet Effects:
Documents / RCT3 / WaterJetEffects

Peep Groups:
Documents / RCT3 / Peeps

Pool Complexes:
Documents / RCT3 / Pools

(for anyone using XP, it's "My Documents" rather than "Documents")


You can take screenshots in-game by pressing F10 on your keyboard. Screenshots are saved to Pictures / RCT3 (if you're using XP, that's My Documents / My Pictures / RCT3).

Screenshots taken through RCT3 are saved in BMP format. This is a quite large format, so it is required you save them in JPEG format instead. You can do this by loading the pictures in Microsoft Paint, or another photo editor, and going to File > Save as..., and for the file format selecting JPEG. Read more about saving your screenshots as JPGs.

Mac/PC Compatibility

Files saved in the PC version of RCT3 work in the Mac version of RCT3, and files saved in the Mac version of RCT3 work in the PC version of RCT3.