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Forum Announcement: Saving your screenshots as JPGs

Hi everyone,

While simply uploading the bitmap as outputted by RCT3 is useful, due to file size concerns, we no longer allow the uploading of bitmap images to the website or forums. So, in order to upload your screenshots from RCT3, you will have to re-save your screenshots as JPGs, GIFs, or PNGs. Saving screenshots as JPG is your best bet as far as keeping quality high and file size down.

To save your screenshots as JPGs, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Paint
  2. Open the screenshot you would like to re-save
  3. Go to File > Save as...
  4. Change the file name if you would like (this is not necessary, however)
  5. Next to Save as type, select JPEG
  6. Click Save
Repeat these steps for each of the screenshots you would like to upload, and then either upload them with your download or attach them to your posts on the forums.