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Full Version: Ok now, I got no limits
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Ok now, I got nolimits demo but how do I create a coaster?

The applications it came was
NoLimits Simulator
NoLimits TerraFormer
NoLimits Editor

How do I create a coaster? :huh::huh:
You're Pretty Much Adding Track Pieces And Bending Them. Look For Tutorials on YouTube, They'll Help You Better.
It's extremely tricky at first. You need to be a fast learner if you want to make a coaster the first day.
Yeah, But If You Know How To Do It, It's Not That Tricky. But it Does Take Trial And Error, And Lots And Lots Of Practice To Get The Track Perfect, Ex, Get The Track Completley Level, Loops Angled Perfect, Inversions Not Too Intense, etc.
Yes, it takes a whille to creae a good coaster. It also will help if you look at other peoples coaster videos to see what they have done. Check out my coasters, for example.
I finally got the hang of NoLimits (Full Version) today. Thanks to swimguy's suggestion to search on Youtube. Smile

And yes, it's really not that hard or tricky to get used to.
I made my first coaster in one day. And I didn't do such a bad job on it, I would say. Biggrin
Still need to work on support placement and color, that's all. :s
I need NoLimits.
Cool! I'm Glad I Helped You!
Hehehe................. Well............................

I'm the type of person that tries to figure out stuff on my own instead of resorting to someone else help but in this case, tutorial for No Limits......... :shy:

Aren't I fascinating? Oh and I'm taking a break from No Limits. I need to focus on more stuff now........ Wink
I Actually Found Out How To Build NoLimits Coasters myself.

But I Guess You Weren't Talking to Me. On The Other Hand, Whenever I Get Something new, I Never Need Instructions!