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Full Version: Introducing Profile Cover Photos
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Hi all,

Just a few days ago, we launched an updated design to the RCTgo website with a number of improvements throughout the website. Today, I'm pleased to announce we have another improvement: profile cover photos! Similar to cover photos on Facebook and Twitter, cover photos on your RCTgo Profile are just another way to customize your profile page.

Here's a sample of the new cover photos from my profile:

[Image: cover_photos_small.png]

Selecting your new cover photo is simple: Just head to your User CP, select Edit Profile in the menu on the left, then click on the Cover Photo tab. From there, simply select one of the screenshots you've already uploaded to the RCTgo Downloads Center.

We're requiring you select a screenshot that you've uploaded alongside a RCT or NoLimits download in order to prevent spam and keep all cover photos theme park related. We want to make sure any images you upload are your creations.

As always, let me know if you experience any issues at all! Your thoughts or suggestions are also always welcome.

Enjoy! Smile

I discovered the possibility of picking a Cover Photo today and it's pretty cool! I like it.