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Full Version: Question after Question (Forum Game)
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Here's how it works:
A: Someone asks a question
B: Someone answers correctly and/or asks another one
C: It will go off like a chain reaction

Ok, i'll start:

Can someone give a link for a download - Cap'n pogo's Strobes and Lights - not being Mediafire?

Can someone give a link for a good western cs set?

I need a link to some good footers with lots of different positions (Not CPCiscos B&M Footers.) Can someone give it to me?

What is your favorite CS set?
Favorite CS Set is Moby's Steel Jungle or any support set.

What do you think is the best roller coaster at SFGAm?
I havn't ridden any but I think raging bull looks the funnest.

What is your favorite band?
Probably U2.

I need a good road CS set, any links?

I don't have any questions.
What do you think is the most overrated coaster?
Kingda Ka.
Still no question.
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