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Full Version: [WIP] Six Flags St Louis Recreation Project
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Hi everyone! Today, Chima is recreating Six Flags St Louis with full CS and CFR. If anyone would like to help or want to try it out when the park is done please send me a PM thank you and comment!

[Image: IMG_0439_zpsce2a1976.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0004.jpg]

Hope you all will help! Smile

Yay, Six Flags parque de !!! 1 ayudará.
1 se give'm un Ninja.
A Six Flags park project by my best friend? EPIC
I could do Batman or Screamin Eagle Biggrin
Sure! I wanted to do American Thunder, River King Mine Train (Sorry, I forgot that in the poll) but yeah. If you guys wanted one of these two, then we can collab.
Okay! Are we using CTs? I have a Screamin Eagle layout, but I haven't made Batman yet because of possible use of CTs.
^To answer your question, no. Sometimes, it feels that CTs kinda take the fun from it. We will use the RCT3 track with CTRs.

For Screamin Eagle, I'd recommend using StationJim's Wooden Cars.

But I'll start the park entrance and then when you guys are ready. I will send a park file to you and jcgr997 to work with. But I will use Shy's Main Street Set 1-9 mostly, so if you haven't downloaded it Sketchy, you will need it throughout the park.
¿No deberíamos terraformar el parque por primera vez? No queremos que un montón de retrabajo.
It's not THAT hard. I've been to Six Flags St Louis before, and the only hard terraformed rides we will build are Boomerang, The Boss, and Mr Freeze.

Also, the CTRs:

Boomerang - Maylene: Classic Corkscrew
Mr Freeze - Krypt: LIM Launched
Batman: The Ride - Spice: B&M Inverted Coaster
Screamin Eagle - StationJim: Wooden Cars
American Thunder - Maylene: Millennium Flyer
The Boss - StationJim: Wooden Cars
Ninja - Maylene: Classic Corkscrew

I'll show the actual park progress soon! Bye.


[Image: sfstl_tonyhawk_art2.jpg]
[Image: Six_Flags_St._Louis_logo.gif]
What's up everyone! The project had been started!!! I will work more tomorrow but vote for your favorite ride at Six Flags St Louis! Biggrin

Update 1 Progress!!

Front Entrance with SFSL billboards
[Image: zlw96ML.jpg]

The Ticket Place!
[Image: XyvJFZh.jpg]

American Thunder (Not done)
[Image: KPBap1I.jpg]

A good overview
[Image: RInb1XX.jpg]

That's all guys! More coming soon!
El paisaje fresco, me gusta las taquillas! Smile
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