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Full Version: Lake Americana
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I've been working on this park for a long time now and its finally finished! A theme park resort complete with Parking and hotel structures. The theme is based around Americana. lands based on the worlds fair of Chicago in 1893 where the popular Ferris Wheel first debuted. American fiction novel "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" makes its home here as an entire land. There's also a rural American boom-town of the frontier. All of this was made with no custom scenery

here's a link detailing the construction of the park from start to finish

I've also uploaded the park here at RCTGo

[Image: entrance_zps0e058374.jpg]
[Image: FerrisWheel_zps85a472f9.jpg]
[Image: HeadlessHorseman_zps114a5158.jpg]
[Image: Silvermines_zps1503794a.jpg]
[Image: GrizzlyValleyResortHotel_zps754d486e.jpg]
like I already said in another post, your park is really awesome!! Maybe you can post some pictures of the white city and the lake from above- it would show much more than the pictures you already posted- here you can't even see how big the park really is.
However, I noticed a glitch: I tried expanding the park but I can't build, terraform or do anything in the area where the grimm river was meant to be... (behind the castle gate)- the land does belong to the park but it is simply not possible to do anything there and this is really a waste of precious land Frown
Also, the big waterfall in front of the future themed are is gone and can't be build apparently because of the ships on the lake.

Therefore I begun with an expansion in the mountains with a small alpine town, a ski lift and a alpine coaster (maybe also a bobsleigh track). I didn't really get why you put there a mountain in the first place- it doesn't serve any purpose at all expect maybe a nice background for the grizzly bears
Well I do have this basic shot of almost the whole area here

[Image: RCT3plus2014-11-2510-44-08-96_zpsd7f6a0fb.png]

as for the glitch I think I know why. I built this park with the scenario editor and open it in sandbox once I was done. If you add the file to your "start new Scenario" folder instead of parks. it should fix the problem. I believe its using the sandbox building area and anything outside that area is considered "out of bounds"

Yeah the mountain is really there for aesthetics to give it the feeling of being up near the mountains. plus I tried to cover all aspects of the game in my videos.