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Full Version: Universal Studios Florida Recreation
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Hi everyone!! Today I have decided to recreate Universal Studios Florida in roller coaster tycoon 3. I always wanted to try to recreate this awesome park and I finally started today. My goal is to hopefully get most of the park recreated but will see how it goes. I started the park entrance today and have some photos below.

Universal Studios Arch



Entrance Area


That is all for now! More to come soonSmile
Looks like you've done a lot of work. I think what you've done is good. I'll look for the updates.
w o a h
rad dude
Thanks for all the awesome comments so far! I am hoping to have an update either later today or tomorrow. The next update will include more of the park entrance and the start of production central.
Update #2 is finally here! In this update we will continue to explore the park entrance and we will venture through Production Central. Please feel free to give me advice on anything I could do better or any tips you have. With that said let's begin!

The Park Gate


Production Central


Studio Sweets


On Location!


Universal Studios Store


La Boulangerie


Preview of Hollywood

Lucy Tribute Construction


That is all for now! Please feel free to leave comments and suggestionsSmile
I like how you are using custom scenery and in-game scenery. I like what you've done so far. Keep up the nice work. I'll look for more updates.
My only suggestion is if you're doing the lake in the center (I assume you are), hide a shark animatronic in it.
Thank you for all the comments and suggestions so far! I am currently working on the rest of Production Central and should have an update soon. Do you guys know if there are any good sets to recreate Gru's house for the Despicable Me ride? I currently have Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast there and I want to update it to have the new ride.

Before I leave here is a quick preview of the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Construction:


The next update will be here soon! Smile
are you going to do islands as well?
(Mar 9, 2015, 03:44 PM)Pineracer Wrote: [ -> ]are you going to do islands as well?

At the moment I am more focused on Universal Studios Florida but I may consider Islands of Adventure in the future.
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