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Full Version: 2016 Roller Coasters Discussion Thread
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Rocky Mountain Construction is the manufacturer of some of the greatest wooden coasters and wooden hybrid coasters. They’ve built Outlaw Run, Twisted Colossus, Wicked Cyclone, and several other fantastic coasters. Next year, it has been rumored that they are building coasters in Kentucky, Tennessee, and California. These rumors seem to have been confirmed.

[Image: MqmaAiL.png]

The above image shows a job listing online. The job listing is for Rocky Mountain Construction in Pigeon Forge Tennessee, California, and Kentucky.

What we know is that the only park in Pigeon Forge is Dollywood. It seems the rumored launched wooden coaster, Shot Rod, is coming to Dollywood. The name, Shot Rod, was trademarked by the owners of Dollywood and it has been confirmed that Dollywood is getting something huge in 2016. The thing is, if you’re naming a coaster Shot Rod, it’s almost definite that it’s going to be a launched coaster. So, I’m expecting Dollywood to be getting a launched RMC named Shot Rod as their major 2016 roller coaster.

[Image: 1920px-Twisted_Twins_SBNO_8.jpg]

Another project listed is in Kentucky. The rumors have been saying that Twisted Twins at Kentucky Kingdom will receive the RMC treatment in 2016. Although this is a lot less confirmed than the Dollywood expansion, it is expected that this will be what is coming to Kentucky Kingdom.

[Image: bayareaday3047_194.jpg]

The final project listed is in California. Although this is the least known of the three, it is expected that the final Six Flags park to be getting an RMC (for now) is Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, which is rumored to be getting an RMC treatment for its wooden coaster, ROAR.

Although none of this is confirmed, because the unexpected can always happen, we are excited for the RMCs that will be built in 2016! Are you excited about these RMC projects? Do you wish they were coming to your state instead (like me)? Leave your comments below!

-Imagineer Josh/chimalion70005
Yesss! I have not been to Dollywood yet, so this might be good!
Wow. This honestly does seem very possible... Hmm. There seems like there is about a 90% chance these parks will get an RMC. The job offer says it all. Smile
launched rmc seems really unrealistic and unlikely that it will happen imo...

the other 2 will probably be like the other rmcs so nothing special
why would they rmc a gci...? rip
^ BECAUSE "LOGIC" Drew!!! Tongue lol
I have actually been hearing about this for a while now... LOL
A launched RMC might put too much strain on the wooden supports.
Well we have totally seen that RMC has really advanced wooden coaster tech, so could we see some sort of new support?
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