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Full Version: [WIP Incredible Hulk CT
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Hey guys! I made a CT! It's for the Incredible Hulk, though there are a couple problems. I can't get the track working for the download, and I originally meant for this to be in my Islands of Adventure creation until I realized how much more fun it was to make a custom one.

The video is set as private
Same. I cant view it. Frown
It should be up now, enjoy! Smile
pretty sure you got this from this site: http://ridesrct.wix.com/ridesrct#!custom-tracks/c2vv
Chima, I think this may be another fake. Im not sure if you have been hacked, but gosh darn. Some respect to creators of these things. I dont know what to think of this. Chima pls u fricker
just downloaded this

best ct, saved mah life
really good tutorial about building it, helped me place the non-stolen version 10/10
Will you do a new CT because its getting a complete makeover?
^ I have not seen the new Hulk yet, and cannot tell you if it will be done by me. Rctk1 will probably beat me to it lol