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Full Version: Rate this from 0-10
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The game is simple. Name anything (ANYTHING) and the next poster rates it from 0-10 and then posts another option. The next person repeats the cycle. Here's a reference:

0 - Worst Thing Ever
1 - Really Hate It
2 - Hate It
3 - Dislike It
4 - Kinda Dislike It
5 - Neutral/Okay
6 - Kinda Like It
7 - Like It
8 - Love It
9 - Really Love It
10 - Best Thing Ever

And here's how the game goes:

Poster 1: Pizza.
Poster 2: 9/10. Minecraft.
Poster 3: 4/10. MLG.
Poster 4: 5/10. Planes.

And so it goes on. Don't post stuff that would give a 0 or 10 no matter what (like dying, murder, crime or anything else related to that).

Let's go!

Thorpe Park.
Thorpe Park? Ok, let's give it a 8/10 (Rounded from 7.5)
You're supposed to post another option after rating the above one.