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Full Version: Spirit Realm
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Hi guys,

In case you didn't see my thread, I'm new here.
First of all, I am not great with English, as I live in Germany !

So this is my very first project with CS and I will take advice! I'm going for a forest theme to keep it basic.
I have seen lots of fantastic players like Silvarret, PiecesofPrestige, MrBak17, Shadowwolf TD5000, and FFRCT. Maybe if they are on this site and give me advice, I want to make much progress !

Here are some pics
[Image: GHTgvIZ.jpg]
[Image: zExQbmx.jpg]
However, I had a weird problem when I opened a CS set. Any help? It said something about no svd for sad, something like that.
[Image: uyv7FwF.jpg]

More coming soon!
Great start! Good work and welcome to RCTgo.

When that error happens to me, go back to the place where you downloaded that set and re-add it to Style/Themed.
Looks good, and don't worry about your English you actually type pretty well. I like the look of the coaster so far, nice color scheme.

If you are going to a forest theme I suggest getting all of Spice's trees, and StationJimJr's Gardening 1, 2, and 2.5
I would uninstall the custom scenery set you have an issue an download it again. If you are still having issues with the set, let me know which one it is and I can try and help you more with it. A good start for your first custom scenery coaster.