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Full Version: ChrisMDB's Official Track Thread
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Hi everyone! I know some of you will feel that this is unnecessary considering the fact that all of my current uploaded works are Build-It winners and therefore can be accessed through the previous winner menu, however I thought this would be nice to make for the future.

Project 1: Ryu

Ryu was my first Build-It entry (and first winner). It's an unorthodox B&M Dive Machine with theming set to resemble that of Japan and the station resembling Himeiji Castle.

Project 2: Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee was my second Build-It entry and winner. Bumble Bee was more of a spur of the moment decision than anything in all honesty, the idea to make a looping coaster of this type popped into my head after seeing Shockwave at Six Flags Over Texas in RCT2. In the end I like how the ride turned out (this was also my first experiment with an abundance of CS foliage).

Project 3: Manta

Manta is a B&M Sit-down/Twister, my third Build-It entry and win as well. It features seven inversions and was inspired after watching one of Silvarret's tutorials that featured a seaside B&M coaster.

Project 2Spooky4Tree: Unnamed at the Moment

This is all I can reveal about my currently postponed Halloween coaster, I've decided to delay its completion until October of 2016 since I missed this year's deadline. Expect something great next year as I'll be revamping it with fresh everything virtually.
- Project Nostalgia is in full swing, two coasters have been produced for it thus far.

     - Sneak peak of Project Nostalgia here:



- Project Christmas has been delayed to next year, another coaster is being constructed in its place.
Haven't seen any projects from you for awhile. Great start. Like the theme and the colors.
Nice work Chris!
Thanks you two!
Both of them look good, and this can be attributed partially to both coasters containing the necessary amount of shrubbery.   Happy

Round 217 may be the long-awaited sequel to Round 134.
Round 134?
I checked it out and supposedly coal canyon won it, what was so special about that round?
I think he means 4 different entries 4 different games. Round 134 (I believe) was the ONLY round like that.
After a two-month hiatus from my thread I'm back with a new update!

Project Parthax:

Parthax was my first RCT1 Build-It! entry as well as the first RCT1 winner on the site, it is also my personal favorite of my 2D projects.

Project Wasp:

Wasp is the RCT2 counterpart to my RCT3 coaster Bumble Bee. Although it was the first RCT2 coaster I entered into the Build-It! competition it is also my first entry that did not win its round. There's always next time Wink

The Future:
I have planned two more coasters to enter into Build-It! and there names and screenshots will be released into the thread after they have been entered. Currently my RCT3 is out of commission due to bugged CS that I downloaded and will unfortunately stay that way until I go on Spring Break on March 11th. Until then I will strive for excellence in RCT1 and RCT2 production of coasters, "coaching" of new RCT3 players and anyone who is in need of assistance, and to keep doing what I do.

All current RCT3 projects (and my collab with Nave) are postponed indefinitely as I will have to reinstall my RCT3 and hope that I can save all of my files. (Right now I'm hoping nothing has become corrupted, if some files have I won't know until after I've reinstalled the game as I cannot even get to the main menu)
Keep going on m8! I've got another Intamin coaster with a more realistic layout in progress for the Build It! too! Smile
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