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Full Version: List of my scenarios. (So far)
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07 - Cataclistic Cliffs. (Hard) Fun Fact: Hardest level yet.

06 - Funland (Challenging) (I think!) Fun Fact: Is being used in my Youtube channel series, 'RCT2 Custom Capers.'

YouTube Channel Link:

05 - Mammoth Shores (Easy) Fun Fact: N/A

04 - Ashton Gardens (Hard) Fun Fact: Was *supposed* to have a train to take it all around the park, didn't happen. (Additional Fact) Based off of Fruit Fields/Gardens, something like that, from RCT1.
03 - Tipton Bay (Easy) Fun Fact: Was the first of the 8 parks to reach 30 downloads. :P

02 - Heigel Desert (Medium) Fun Fact: Most sporadic layout, as well as took the longest to make.

01 - Chamber Lake (Easy) Fun Fact: First scenario made for the lovely peeps at RCTgo. (Additional Fact) Based off of Leafy Lake from RCT1

(Extra Park) Track Creator Park - to simply make tracks and designs for RCTgo.

Hope ya enjoy these scenarios! Have you got questions, comments, be sure to ask/tell me if ya need too.
-BlazingEmpire HD
There are two more to download.

Disaster Plains - When a massive hurricane took out our once-beloved theme park, it's been depressing to go back. Until now, that is. Can you fix what was once a beauty turned travesty?

08 - Disaster Plains (Challenging) Fun Fact: even though it has broken roller coasters, it isn't a 'fix it' park.

09 - Holiday Forests (Challenging) Fun Fact: My favorite scenario I've made. (So far) (There is also a small misspelling, can you find it?) Additional Fact: Quickest download rate. At least 30% better than the last 8 scenarios.

-Got questions comments about these scenarios? I am all ears! So, comments, questions, just tell me and I'll answer!

-Thanks so much for downloading and playing these scenarios, and may MANY more come like it.
Have two more new scenarios to add to the list:

10 - Qualdic Rock (Challenging) Fun Fact: Based very much like Vertigo Views from RCT1.

11 - Galadriel Heights (Hard) Fun Fact: All three roller coasters in this park have an excitement rating of 7.00+, Two of which, will probably be used in another Build It! competition.


Have fun with em.'



Be sure to tell me!