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Full Version: Knight_'s thread. With rides in_Fire.
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Track Building is fine, but for me personally, I would spice it up with actual scenery, and buildings, ect... To me, it's just missing a little bit, but otherwise, great work!
http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/14368 - Smok Wawelski, a dragon coaster.

[Image: 564123520bdfe.jpg]
Any comments to it?
I think you could use a healthy dose of scenery Knight. Otherwise, they're good. Smile
I am not so good at it. If you will, I can give you permits for modifying the tracks, each permit = one track, ok?
Scenery is a must, however before you add scenery make sure it's a ride that people will go on. With intensity and G's that these present every rider would die before returning to station... Just because an inversion or something looks good doesn't mean it should be done!
Are G's under 6 good or should they be under 5? (For positive G's)
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