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Full Version: Build a Stage/Concert
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How can I build a Concert/Stage. I'm new so I need a tutorial or something. Biggrin
You can't really build stages unless you want to get into CS, there is a whole thing of action for the animal shows, Fireworks, and the Kari Oki concert stage
A quick search on YouTube brought me to this general link it should get you started...

A couple of custom scenery links
Search by Author or custom scenery name

Stage 42 by Mickadu66

Stage Light 2-D by hornedlizard
A stage light

Stage Lighting Mega Pack by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)
A set of stage lights to add realism to your park stages.

Stage Lighting Set V2 by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)
A set containing several types of realistic stage lights, plus trusses. The download includes lasers and light effects to use with the CS pieces.

Stage Lights Set by coasterman20076

StageLight Set by GRP-Disneycoaster93