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Full Version: Coaster Puns
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Type up really stupid coaster puns.

1. Six flags go on a Great Adventure. One goes skydiving Over Texas and another gets lost in a Magic Mountain.

2. Cedar Point relocated an awful coaster. It was a Disaster Transport.

3. The Swarm was very Stealthy, they had Saws as well, while some had a Samurai.

4. This season at Alton Towers, attendance was dropping into Oblivion.

5. At Thorpe Park, you must Rush to the park early to avoid queues.

6. There was an explosion at Kings Dominion. There was a Shockwave and a guest saw an Anaconda on the path.

7. At King's Island, I saw The Beast talking to the Son of Beast.

8. Millennium Force? More like Millennium Forceless!

Do you have any more puns?
On cheetah hunt, all the animals drop dead when the coaster comes by...
When I look at my park guests I call it peeping
oh wow these made me cringe
If you want to start a Revolution and help Superman Escape From Krypton, you have to be a Ninja.
As part of the Joker's Jest a Psychlone sent visitors into Deja Vu before leaving the park.
I had a can of Tango today. It was so cold, it felt like there was an Ice Blast in my mouth.

I had a bottle of Pepsi Max. It was a Big One!