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Full Version: Hello from the Woodsta
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How do people! I am the Woodsta - I am pants at building parks with RCT3 but am getting there. 1 Question - how the chuffin hell do I down load the 'Members Only' parks? I.E. Alton Towers......????
Hi, Welcome to RCT3X.

To download the park, you need to log in and scroll down to 'RCT3X RCT3X Downloads' and find 'Parks' on the main forums page.
Hello Woodsta and welcome to RCT3X!
Yee Ha - Woo Hoo - Many thanks guys......
No Problem Biggrin If you need any more help feel free to ask Biggrin
howdy!! :P

don't bother asking me for help because i probably can'y help you, i'm just here to bring this forum some life!! :wink:
Welcome dude 8)