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Full Version: Larry591's RCT2 Coaster Designs
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Hey, I'm on summer break now, so I've got some occasional time on my hands.  Anyway, here's a new coaster that uses some Mythology scenery:
[Image: 5927e42348764.jpg]

Feel free to comment.
A couple of new downloadables for those who like coasters that take the novelty factor up to 11:

Elvis and some backup musicians help to rock this coaster:
[Image: 592bedd63a388.jpg]

There's a mouse in this house.  But don't worry, it's supposed to be there:
[Image: 592bf21575293.jpg]

That's it for now.  Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.
You make some cool and joyful stuff. Keep it up.
Thanks NieSch.

It's the year of the Dragon (coaster).  And I hope I'm not the only one who thinks these two scenery types actually look pretty good together:
[Image: 59329e0e619ff.jpg]
Update: A new coaster layout based on an old scenery idea I had back when I first started uploading.  And this one even has a Norwegian Loop:
[Image: 59395a488295a.jpg]

Feel free to comment.
I like it. Good job!
Greetings, humans.  I have returned to present another download to you.  And it's moments like these that make me wish I could change the color of the Go-Kart road.
[Image: 593ff35b1c21e.jpg]

Feel free to comment.
Nice! Must have taken a bit.
Thanks, and it sure did.

Time for some slides.

You'll notice I didn't say they were specifically "Water" slides, right?:
[Image: 5943d5c27fff2.jpg]

Is that blood or just water dyed dark red?  Or something else?:
[Image: 5943dc61183ee.jpg]
This totally isn't an attempt to make a more modern-style Wooden coaster with another track type:
[Image: 5946ffa15fb03.jpg]
In fact, you might actually see an even bigger coaster of this type in the near future.

Feel free to comment.
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