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Full Version: Larry591's RCT2 Coaster Designs
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Update: I've been meaning to make one of these rides for about 8 months now.
[Image: 5a77bd9c1cf39.jpg]

Feel free to comment.
"Mwahaha! Looks like I've won this time! I'm afraid not even you, He-Man, can keep a monster truck at a constant speed of 5 MPH down an 82-foot incline!"
"I.... have.... the POWER.... brakes!"
Coming to Michigan's Adventure in 2019! Oh, wait...
Looks great; if a bit colourful. 😉 Good to hear from ya, Larry!
I'm back with a new upload, and this screenshot only shows a small portion of the size of this coaster:
[Image: 5ad197d4d4828.jpg]

Feel free to comment. Also, while this is about a month late, thank you to those of you who voted to make Anubis a featured download.
I like what I can see!
New ride with new cubes:
[Image: 5b1b98a4b68a1.jpg]

That's it for now.  Feel free to comment.
I can't make a track download for this (too many scenery pieces), but I could use some input on my faux-terrain idea here using rock walls and jungle roofs for a future project:
Feel free to comment.
I never thought of using jungle roofs as artificial terrain, but you made it work!

If you can find a way to close those gaps between the walls and the roofs--possibly with another wall or fence type in front--it will look especially convincing.
Terry: Thanks for the feedback, and I'm definitely with you when it comes to the gaps in the roofs.  I'm going to try playing around with RCT2 Object Editor tomorrow to see if I can make something to fix it.

On a different note, I have a new upload:
[Image: 5b224eb20f2fe.jpg]

Feel free to comment.  And anyone else who has suggestions regarding my artificial terrain above, feel free to also share your thoughts.
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