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Full Version: RCT 3 WILD : Sad safari
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The previous owner neglected this safari park cutting corners as the new owner your job is to fix the enclosures and make this park a place people will want to visit again!

- As soon as you enter you will be tracking down escaped animals.
- Read ALL the objectives so you know what you can and can't do!
- The animals in the park are all you have lose them and they are gone forever!
- The park inspector is not available at 1st (I don't know why) but he appears later.

- Deal with the animal enclosures 1st otherwise you will be hunting down escaped animals the whole game! I know of 3 ways to do this easily.
- You can shut down the safari transport until you have made paths to the other parts of the park so peeps won't get trapped and complain.
- Research transport rides 1st you will need them later.
- Peeps are pretty much unhappy from the start (they knew the old owner Tongue ) so you will need to provide them with a lot of attractions to make them happier.
- Look after your animals and they will supply you with a steady income.
- Don't panic with all the escaped animals just tranc them and put them back in their enclosures until you can deal with fixing them. Or you can use another option...
- the park is closed from the start open it once you have things under control.

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