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Full Version: The Best Work Of The Person Above You
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For this game, the rules are pretty simple: just browse through the downloads posted by the person who last commented in this thread and comment which download of theirs is your favorite (or more if you can't pick just one), and if possible, also give a brief explanation as to why they are.

And obviously, don't post spam or denigrate other members with statemtents like "All your rides suck!  You should quit RCT, you worthless...(insert giant slew of random insults here)."  You shouldn't do that anyway, and this thread is no exception.

Have fun!
All of your creations are good. This is a great idea for a game. For some reason, I am drawn to your creation "Little Saint Nick." I do not know why. I like all of your compact coasters.

Also, little saint nick just has a great visual draw to it, along with the attractive supporting job.
Taking scenery, terrain, and layout into consideration, Mine Train would be at the top of my list of your published creations. However, I have reason to believe that we will see an even better one very, very soon...
I'd say my favorite of yours is Industrial Force: Reloaded, although all of your downloads are amazing. IF:R is themed excellently and has a neat layout to boot, plus it seems rare to see a good Air-Powered Vertical coaster.
Personally, for me, Dr.Twistenstein is a feat of glory.
Mountain Rush is my personal favorite of your creations.
The Gingerbread Express Smile
'Flight School' is one of my personal favorites of yours.
Your Planet Coaster version of Gangplank is very nice!
^ Oh man, how do I pick one... Probably either Rag-time Reverser or El Trueno
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