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Hello fellow neurons in the Rctgo brain. I am running slightly low on major project ideas for Nolimits 2. If anyone has anything they would like to see in nolimits 2, let me know and I will give it a shot. I already have a couple of Ideas, below. Please comment on your favorite. Feedback would be great! Thanks!

Castle Theme: This would be a Maurer Sohne X-car, weaving around a castle, with fire animations and such.

Formula One Theme: This would be an intamin rocket coaster around a racetrack, with pit stops, signs, etc.
Enchanted Forest- I would use a low running GCI Or Gravity Group coaster a lot like Mystic Timbers but with some more advanced terraforming and themeing
Okay, I will try that. Thanks.
Your welcome
Here is a link to the WIP thread for this idea. This is very basic so far.