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Full Version: Tropicana - B&M Floorless
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I have no cs.

Anyways, I am working on a new park in RCT3 and I will have pics up in the next couple days!
Tropicana - B&M Floorless

So it's not a park. Not yet at least. Anyways, here's this:

Roses in a desert? Also I suggest a roof that isn't made out of bricks.
looks pretty cool.
The ride isn't done.
Also, what do you suggest for roofs?
And, I'm back.
So I took advantage of the tropical desert theme, and completely redid the generic station and paths.
Here's some pictures-  Smile [attachment=5411] [attachment=5412] [attachment=5413]
Also, obviously I am not using CS. Long story short, my computer sucks. Anywho...
Two questions for you guys:
1. Should I make it longer? I feel it's a bit short and a helix around the pond would be cool.
2. Any scenery suggestions? Should I add a tunnel? Or make some bushes here and there? Feedback is always appreciated Biggrin
That's all for now!
My only issue is that to me, the layout of the coaster is incredibly short. There's one drop, and 3 inversions. That's nowhere near enough.

Though, even if there's not much to it, it's still pretty cool. I like it.

Also, that queue line is reaaaaaaaaallly short.
Looks like you're off to a good start, especially with the greenery and station. I'd recommend adding to the layout a bit as well and maybe some terraforming. I'm interested to see what you'll surround it with when the park is all finished.
I was wondering about the queue...
Thanks for the support! I'll get to work shortly. I am awful with terraforming but I will see what I can do!
Also, the track will be easy to extend so I will definitely do that!
If you want a roof like you had previously I'd suggest using one of the roofs located in the Brick Buildings set, it should be under the Generic filter. As for your current iteration, I'd suggest doing some work with the terraforming (the area is a bit flat and boring, maybe a few hills and tunnels are in order, also I don't think I've ever seen a pond with straight edges). As for the station, maybe the pirate fort isn't the best set to use here, I think the bamboo and jungle-ish theme would work a bit better, but that's just my two-cents. With enough work I'm sure you could make it work. I also believe a longer layout is in order, try modeling it after some real B&M Floorless coasters if you have to.

Lastly, I know you don't have to/want to use CS, but I'd at least try to get Moby's Steel Jungle to do support work.
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