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Full Version: The Last One Standing!
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Aloha everyone & Welcome! I know most forums have this game so I did my research first and noticed we have one here but was started along time ago and has started to die off. I really enjoy growing communities and meeting new people! This is why I love forums because they allow you to grow a strong community and make great friendships! When members return day after day they really begin to get to know each other. So this is a fun forum game that everyone can participate in, I wanted to start a new one so all of the active members and new members like myself can chat and get to know each other! This one is very simple. Just be the last person to reply… & you win!

There is only one problem.......
[Image: victory-kid-i-win-you-lose.jpg]
It would appear that now you have lost and I have won.
I stole your victory, Chris.
Nice try Larry! Wink
Apologies, it seems as though you have lost.
As have you.
You guys are so funny thinking you have won!
Pot, meet kettle.
Nope. Mine.
Hey, welcome to the game @Brixenivy
Sorry to inform you you've already lost Tongue