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Full Version: Screenshot Contest - 2 | Entry
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first 4 screenshots posted will be entered.

keep it within coaster/amusement park sims (and cities skylines)

voting starts when I have all 4 entries
4 Screenshots will be entered, 1 screenshot per contestant.
Enter your screenshot by posting it in this thread, I will reply to it saying your screenshot has been entered.
You can use imgur.com to upload you images.

No saving screens for next round because you didn't make the cut, you have to re-enter every round.

No using the same picture (with the exception of "allstar rounds" which are rounds showcasing the best 4 screenshots from the past 15 rounds)

May the best creator win!
[Image: 2TTZPHL.jpg]
Your screenshot has been entered, v1210.

My favorite picture (out of the ones in my library).
(Jul 16, 2017, 09:29 PM)ChrisMDB Wrote: [ -> ]My favorite picture (out of the ones in my library).

It is one of my favorites to.
What the heck, twist my arm.  Here's my entry:
Here is one of my best picture Smile Smile[Image: twmMCFS.jpg]
well that was fast....
You think that LeBron ?^^
ChrisMDB, Larry591 and RealCoasterTrack, your screenshots have been entered.
Voting will start soon!