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Full Version: So I heard y'all wanted higher quality coasters...
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You got it. (click to make it bigger)
It isn't the ride that's the issue so much as everything around it, in competition the layout can be as nice as ever but if the project isn't a complete composition (terraforming, rockwork, foliage, scenery, etc.) it won't be 'finished' and we'll be asking for better.

With that being said this screen does show what looks like a very smooth turn.
Don't do what you've been doing. Try your best to do something newer, and better. I am not talking about this hyper coaster, but sending in an entry with some hills, and some trees is not going to cut it.

Like Chris said, improvise a bit and sketch up some rocks, or add sketched up buildings. Anything more than just trees would help. You're on the brink of claiming another win, but ya need to do just that much more work to make something that might be considered "meh" at this point, and make it stellar.
Also based off the first POV I saw, that thing needs a Trim Brake.
So I'm working on some scenery stuff. Here's a picture of the entrance and queue. I'm gonna try working with sketchup, even though I'm trash. So I guess we'll how that goes. I'll also add some trims as suggested. 
The only way to improve is by doing, everything is looking good thus far.