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Full Version: ImagineerTim's Alpina Bahn {RCT3}
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Discover what lies within Matterhorn Mountain...

Gerstlauer Bobsled Coaster inspired by Disneyland's 
Matterhorn Bobsleds, Expedition Everest and Europapark's Matterhorn Blitz...

Here is the first artwork and some construction pictures:

[Image: 3U3OvFZ.jpg]

[Image: 46S7YY5.jpg]

[Image: vannQf9.jpg]
Another great piece of work
another concept art of the frozen camelback area:

[Image: LVDHrGM.jpg]
This is just breath-taking. Absolutely gorgeous. I cannot believe how good this is!
This looks beautiful!
[Image: bWPU4y0.jpg]

[Image: fZJFYWo.jpg]

some guys flew with a drone above the construction site?
Wow, this is great! The overview seems to be a bit contrastless though, maybe because of the lighting or whatever reason. Don't be afraid to use more color, I think it could really help this be even better!
Holy smokes this would win build it for sure
and it goes on...