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Full Version: Countryside Fair
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So I got back into making scenarios again, and this is my first project for download.

Goal: 3500 Guests by the end of Year 4 with at least 600 park rating.

A challenging scenario in a picturesque  rural landscape that requires planning and careful money management.  You begin with a solid foundation for cash flow, but a heavy debt will greatly hinder your progress until it is paid off. Guests will have low average cash so ATM machines are essential. Time-goal setting will be essential for success in this park. Additional land is purchasable.

"You are the new owner of this up-and-coming park, however the previous owners made some questionable financial decisions (A man-made beach??). Loans will have high interest and guests will have low average cash."

Should be compatible with RCT2, OpenRCT2, and RCT classic



This looks great Rudy! I love the beach area!
Looks like a nice scenario, looking forward to seeing more out of you.
#NotAsGoodAsMine....nah, just kidding. This looks pretty great and I'm happy to see you try a scenario out. Keep up the good work!