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Full Version: RCT1 Scenario Complete Archive
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I've decided to go back into RCT1 and play through the scenarios again. 
I will be saving and uploading each park right before the completion date (or other objective type). Eventually I will create an archive with the download link to every scenario in the base game and both expansions.

If anyone is struggling with a specific scenario (like Rainbow Valley...), let me know and I can prioritize it first.
Cool, good luck! If anyone needs one too you didn't come to, I've also got most of the nearly-finished scenarios.
Hey everyone, it's been well over a year but after over 300 hours put into the steam version of the game, I have finished every scenario, including the 3 Europe parks and the extra park with saves on Oct 31st! Most scenarios weren't too challenging anymore after all these years; the real challenge was waiting out the clock! No speed up function so lots of waiting around, especially in the earlier ones. I would still like to make a complete archive of them somehow, so I'll be figuring that out soon.
Good job! Lot of the scenarios were fun when I played them (not to completion)