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Full Version: New PC
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My new PC came in yesterday and I got it all hooked up.

GPU: GTX 1070 Ti Cerberus
CPU: Intel I7 8086k
Ram: 16 GB
Storage: 120 GB SSD, 2TB HHD

Share your rigs here!


Congratulations! Are you going to get more games for it?
Yeah, Ive been playing Jurassic World Evolution a lot (Another Frontier game), I had originally bought that game on my old pc but it could not run in a playable state at all.
Pretty decent rig, Rudy18. You're playing on a 1080p resolution, right?
Very nice rig, though SSD could be double in terms of space. You've probably tested it thoroughly by now, so how do you like it?
Oh its great, no problems with it so far. A little more space on the SSD would have been nice but i really just use it for the OS. I'm also using a 4k monitor but that's mostly for indie and other games that arent super modern or graphically intensive, i scale back to 1440p for most modern games.
Huh. Interesting how it happens like this...someone new posts, but only quotes someone else and not actually type anything.