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Full Version: Skyrim Dwemer Coaster [Multi Launch Coaster]
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[Image: jei1tW3.jpg]

[Image: po6wag8m.jpg]
some more pictures of the construction site:

[Image: j7ZeCQd.jpg]

[Image: 5u0BPlx.jpg]
some more construction site pictures:

[Image: 3EJ6Ade.jpg]

[Image: mm5LCQf.jpg]

[Image: qn1ORkC.jpg]
The construction especially in terms of theming starts to take shape:

[Image: 97wryTC.jpg]
[Image: avlCX4w.jpg]
Looks fantastic, as always.
I reached Schienenschluss!

The layout is complete and Operation is just being tested.
Now the decoration work will be finished...

[Image: AR1EaUT.jpg]

[Image: f4bWWRn.jpg]
Dwemer Coaster is a high speed thrilling launch coaster which takes you into the world of Skyrim Elder Scrolls.
The Dwemer Dwarfs have developed a forceful machine that catapults guests through their temples and mines.
The ride features 4 launches and is family friendly...
This is so nice! I love the level of detail on the buildings.
[Image: o2yfgCN.jpg]
[Image: cxsykz3a.jpg]

[Image: c8b2ydpp.jpg]
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