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Full Version: Who Still Plays RCT3 in 2019?
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Planet Coaster came out, but i play both...
I have pretty much moved on from RCT3. But every once in a while I start it back up for a trip down memory lane
Take a trip down the RCT lane, it's the best thrill you ever did see... (A lyrical play on Candy Cane Lane by Sia; GREAT Christmas song)

I used to play RCT3 very often, but don't have the game installed anymore. I still do have the disc though. If I had a better computer, I'd play RCT3 for a trip down memory lane!
i often like it better than PlanCo since i am used to it... been playing since i was 9 in 2013.
I play both as well. Currently working on a Universal Studios Florida Recreation in Rct3.
I still play RCT3 on the PC and on my phone.
I played it as recently as 2017, but it has an unfortunate habit of crashing (or sometimes, not loading at all).

My expansion disks haven't worked in about 8-9 years, so I'm limited to the bare bones version. I'm sure if I could still build water slides, extended coasters, and roller soakers, it would have held my interest a bit longer.
Get it on steam... or just pirate.