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Full Version: Peeps really thirsty/hungry plus ignoring exhibit
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I am playing a custom scenario on the desert climate. I have loads of food and drink stalls, but peeps hunger and thirst bars are red. My stalls are busy, but wondering if it's because i'm offering the wrong types of food? Should it be plenty of ice cream and not hot food? 
Also i built an ostrich exhibit, with 2 paths leading to both viewing platforms. My peeps never went near it. I ended up deleting it because it was just a waste of space. Anyone know why they would ignore the exhibit?
From my experience types of food do not matter, peeps merely recognize "food" and "drink". Regardless of how many stalls you have, if they are busy and guests are still hungry and/or thirsty, you should build more; a guest will only wait a very brief time before leaving the stall ("Burgers 3 is too busy"), hunger will eventually drive them back, but if it is still busy they leave again. Also do not build any stalls across from each other on a path; some guests will just go back and forth between those two stalls and never go anywhere else, creating useless traffic there and never going on any rides.

If the paths to your ostrich exhibit were too long only guests who randomly wander up there would find it. They are only aware of things within four squares of the path, so a lone path (or two) branching off the main path doesn't attract them; you should loop the main path up within four squares of the viewing stands then back to the rest of the park. Rides don't have this problem as long as the entrance to the queue line is near the main path. This goes for buildings also; that impressive castle sitting eight squares from the path looks good to you but doesn't exist for your guests, but as long as one square of that castle is within four squares of the path the guests recognize it.