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Full Version: NJÖRD'S Coaster [Watercoaster]
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NJÖRD, god of the scandinavian sea, invites passengers to an adventurous journey through his realm. 
Inspired by Europapark's Rulantica concepts and the Scandinavian areas...

[Image: C4aIbzn.jpg]

Construction already started!

[Image: VjuGkKk.jpg]
and it goes on:

[Image: aeCIUXV.jpg]
I don't understand how you have made a game so pretty.
Theming continues...

[Image: H5vfcVG.jpg]
[Image: WUMrTao.jpg]

I've made some great progress...
But the construction is huge!

[Image: wLE9ipb.jpg] 

[Image: Oo1lItd.jpg] 

Let's Soar over it! 

[Image: gD9xtKQ.jpg] 
A water coaster meandering through a scenic landscape complete with underground caves. It's no exaggeration to say that this would be a dream come true to ride.
[Image: 5w0xEsV.jpg]

Construction Update 31.01.2020
[Image: QRDPXIm.jpg]
Construction Update 04.02.20

[Image: AI65LEm.jpg]

[Image: zmMauri.jpg]