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Full Version: Fred-104 Custom Scenarios! - Now with 340+ scenarios!
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Hello to everyone reading! In celebration of my one-year anniversary of playing OpenRCT2, I am sharing my ever-growing collection of custom scenarios, currently with over a whooping 340 of them! Expect over 400 hours of gameplay across many scenarios with varying objectives, themes, and challenges.

This scenario megapack contains many highly challenging scenarios, remixes and revisits of various RCT1 and RCT2 scenarios, beefed up versions of all RCT2 Wacky Worlds and Time Twister scenarios (often appended with a Roman numeral 2 "II" at the end of the name), and scenarios inspired by other games/media, including 4 Halo-themed scenarios! In fact, the scenario "Halo 4 - Forge Island" was the first custom scenario I ever made that I published online.

There is at least one scenario for every objective type available in the game. There are also 7 "no money" scenarios. In addition, there are many scenarios with the "Finish building 5 roller coasters" objective, and over 57 scenarios with the "Number of guests in park" objective (the one where the park rating can't go below 700 at any time). As you look into the scenarios, you might notice that some of the goals are absurdly high for the scenario group the scenario is placed in - you will need to use a more systematic gameplay approach (e.g. pricing umbrellas and rides at max price, building highly efficient rides and coasters, and having a better understanding of the game's mechanics in general) to win these scenarios. I am of the opinion that the RCT2 Wacky Worlds and Time Twister scenarios themselves are too easy, hence why I created beefed up versions of them. You should still have fun playing the scenarios regardless though, especially if you seek a greater challenge than the official RCT1 and RCT2 scenarios. The greatest challenges you will find, though, are scenarios that are part of the Mythic Conquest scenario series. Those will really test your knowledge and scenario play skills!

Scenario Groups
  • Tycoon Trek (TT) - RCT1-inspired scenarios (e.g. Frontier Finis, Dark Age Forest Frontiers, Mei's World, Karts & Dinosaurs)
  • Corkscrew Commemoration (CC) - RCT1 AA/CF-inspired scenarios (e.g. Chilly Crag, Prehistoric Quarters, Coaster Capstone, Rickety Bosk)
  • Sidewinder Symphony (SwSm) - RCT1 LL-inspired scenarios (e.g. Vertigo Vale, Rubrum Rocks, Orange Spacescape, Teapot Borough)
  • Butterfly Bash (BfB) - RCT2-inspired scenarios (e.g. Rockstar's Aerodrome, Alpine Antics, Extreme Heights 2)
  • Geographical Glee (GG) - RCT2 WW-inspired scenarios (e.g. South America - Easter Island)
  • Chrono Warp (CW) - RCT2 TT-inspired scenarios (e.g. The Coaster Pit)
  • Game Scenarios Galore (GSG) - Scenarios inspired by other games (e.g. Halo 4 - Forge Island)
  • Mythic Conquest (MC) - The absolute hardest scenarios I have ever made. They will truly test your knowledge, skills, tactics, luck, and endurance! (e.g. Wasteland of Dying Dreams, Rollercoaster Revolution, Nemesis Badlands, Gaia's Genesis)
  • Original Scenarios (OS) - Any scenario that doesn't fall into any of the above series (e.g. Gerbera Gambol, Abandoned Temple)
Get all of my scenarios here!
Do note that I will be uploading more of my scenarios to RCTgo over time and eventually, I will have all of them available here. Enjoy!
Some interesting data regarding my scenarios:

As far as objectives are concerned (as of 2021-02-21):
Number of guests at a given date = 79 (26.33%)
Number of guests in park = 57 (19%)
Repay loan and achieve a given park value = 30 (10%)
Monthly income from ride tickets = 29 (9.67%)
Park value at a given date = 28 (9.33%)
Monthly profit from food/merchandise = 24 (8%)
Build 10 roller coasters of a given length = 22 (7.33%)
Finish building 5 roller coasters = 21 (7%)
Build 10 roller coasters = 10 (3.33%)

26.33% being a "Number of guests at a given date" objective is actually pretty low compared to all official RCT1 and RCT2 scenarios, which in total have 144 scenarios, 83 (57.64%) of which have said objective type.
UPDATE (2021-05-08): The OpenRCT2 devs have allowed us to test the upcoming new save format (named .park), which will raise a LOT of limits previously imposed on us by the outdated SV6/SC6/TD6 save formats. This means that we will be able to have:
  • 2,047 ride objects (up from 128)
  • 2,047 small scenery objects (up from 252)
  • 2,047 large scenery objects (up from 128)
  • 2,047 wall objects (up from 128)
  • 255 banner objects (up from 32)
  • 255 path addition objects (up from 15)
  • 255 scenery groups (up from 19)
  • 255 terrain surface objects - Now available as an object
  • 255 terrain edge objects - Now available as an object
  • 255 station style objects - Now available as an object
  • 255 music style objects - Prepare to see a lot of new custom music in my scenarios if I get around to that!
  • 255 footpath surface objects - All of the footpath surfaces from RCT1 will be featured as standard.
  • 255 footpath railing objects - Footpaths have now been split into surfaces and railings just like in RCT1.
  • A new maximum map size of 999x999 - This is really nice as we can see "giga parks" come to life. However, it will also be far more taxing on our PCs, especially when we try to take giant screenshots.
  • 1,000 rides in the park
  • 16,776,704 map elements
  • 65,535 sprites
  • Ability to recolor the Fruity Ices Stall
  • The RCT1 Restroom
All of these mean that my scenarios going forward will use the new save format, and yes, all of my pre-existing scenarios will be updated to make use of the new save format. The drastically increased limits mean that I will be able to include a LOT more scenery and rides than before. So stay tuned!
I can't wait to experiment with the new .park format.