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[Image: logo2.jpg]

Work is well and truly underway on a re-build of my once popular "Quaywest Adventure Park". Originally built for RCT1 way back in 1997, the park boasted some 15+ coasters, 30+ flat rides, and many food stalls. The park had to be limited, due to limits of the RCT engine (example, the 255 stall limit). The new RCT3 engine has no such constraints. The only limiting factor now would be your CPU / RAM and Graphics card. I'll be adding some new featurs along the way, as there are many more rides to choose from now. The park was hosted on RCTOA (RCT Online America), which sadly closed in 1999, but hopefully, some die hard RCT fans will still have a copy somewhere, or at least remember it.

Current park progress and all the latest info can be found on the official Atari forums by visiting:

All future updates will be posted here, and duplicated on the Atari Forum.

Feedback apreciated!
[Image: logo2.jpg]

Major park update peeps! Loads of screenshots avaliable to keep you busy... My server is online, so expect to see more videos and more updates over the next few days. I wont leave it 3 weeks before an update again, it caused ppl to think that the project was canned. Thats definatly not the case... I was just having broadband problems Rolleyes Anyway, check it out:

New! Ride Video - "Thunder Rock Racer"
Thunder Rock Racer Video 23MB

New ride! Wooden Coaster - "Ricochet" - Excitment 9, Intensity 7, Nausea 4
Ricochet Shot 1
Ricochet Shot 2
Ricochet Shot 3
Ricochet Shot 4
Ricochet Shot 5
Ricochet Shot 6
Ricochet Shot 7
Ricochet Shot 8
Ricochet Shot 9

New Ride! Pipeline Coaster - "Pipedream" - Excitement 8, Intensity 6, Nausea 5
Pipedream Shot 1
Pipedream Shot 2
Pipedream Shot 3
Pipedream Shot 4
Pipedream Shot 5
Pipedream Shot 6

New Flat Ride Area - "Quaywest Beach" - Contains mild rides
Beach Area Shot 1
Beach Area Shot 2
Beach Area Shot 3
Beach Area Shot 4
Beach Area Shot 5
Beach Area Shot 6
Beach Area Shot 7
Beach Area Shot 8

New Food Area - "Quaywest Food Court" - Contains a few kids rides too, with access to water boats transport system
Food Area Shot 1
Food Area Shot 2
Food Area Shot 3
Food Area Shot 4

More to follow, any feedback would be greatly apreciated! Smile
Looking great!
that park is awesome!
Awesome park and that coaster is awesome! I wish that I could ride one like that in real life (the one in the vid!) 5/5! Biggrin
coasterdude89 Wrote:Awesome park and that coaster is awesome! I wish that I could ride one like that in real life (the one in the vid!) 5/5! Biggrin
That ride would'nt be legal!
[Image: logo2.jpg]

These things take ages to make, but look good I guess...

New Ride Video! - Astro Canyon - Excitement 7, Intensity 7, Nausea 5
Astro Canyon Video 28MB... Takes about 5 mins on Broadband, Dial up users, put the kettle on and return in an hour...

Feedback always apreciated!
Cool rides! I fell out off of Thunder Rock Racer but I made my way to Astro Canyon and found myself choking on the smoke. Besides the broken bones and blackened lungs I ENJOYED THEM BOTH!!! Yeah they were really cool and Quaywest Adventure Park is coming alone perfectly. I look foward to seeing the progress.
[Image: logo2.jpg]

New Ride Video! Ricochet video is now avaliable for download. Check it:
Ricochet Video 40 MB. Takes about 6 minutes on broadband Smile

I've also started to experiment with custom scenery items. They are only small changes, but make Thunder Rock Racer look that little bit better...

[Image: Shot0027.jpg]

[Image: Shot0028.jpg]

[Image: Shot0029.jpg]

[Image: Shot0030.jpg]

[Image: Shot0031.jpg]

[Image: Shot0032.jpg]

Any feedback is always apreciated.

i love that thunder rock racer it was one crazy coaster..(nice designing it)
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