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I'm going to start a new trivia game. Someone lists partial stats from a coaster (even the name can be blank) and it is the guesser's job to fill in the blanks on the statsheet.

Here are some general guidelines (In no particular order):

1. Either the stat/field specifier or the stat itself can be blank for any given field, but not both (that would be kind of hard, don't you think? tongue.gif ).

2.The missing field(s) should be unique (ie if there 2 inversions and 2 lift hills (Loch Ness Monster for instance), it would be a little hard tell what the correct answer is). In such a case any valid answer is right.

3. There must be at least 4 total fields present.

4. The ride's name is a mandatory field (but can be blank)

5. There must be at least 1 filled-in field to start out with.

6. Make it answerable. You must have a reasonable amount of fields given to work with.

7. Filled-in Stats must be exact for small values (such as inversions) and within a reasonable range for bigger values (length) ; but, different variations of names, etc will be accepted if deemed correct.

8. You can use any character to denote blank fields. Underscore being recommended.

9. When giving an answer, you can put just the lines with blanks in your post (the blanks filled in by you with your answers); this should make things easier.

10. If no one can answer from the given fields, you may add extra completely filled-in lines for extra info to makeit easier.

This will be added to as soon as I think of any more.

Here are some examples for Superman: Ultimate Flight:

-1. Name and make/model missing, length, type, and park given

-With blanks--
Ride: ______________________
Park: Six Flags Over Georgia
Type: Steel
Make / Model: ______________
Length (feet): 2760'

--Filled in--
Ride: Superman - Ultimate Flight
Park: Six Flags Over Georgia
Type: Steel
Make / Model: Bolliger & Mabillard / FlyingLength (feet): 2760'
Length (feet): 2760'

-2. Track Length field specifier and height missing, , park, and type given,

-With blanks--
Ride: Superman - Ultimate Flight
Park: Six Flags Over Georgia
Type: Steel
______: 2760 feet
Height (feet): ___

--Filled in--
Ride: Superman - Ultimate Flight
Park: Six Flags Over Georgia
Type: Steel
Length (feet: 2760 feet
Height (feet): 115'

As you can see there is a variation in difficulty possible.

To obtain stats on virtually any coaster, see http://www.rcdb.com


Here's the First One
Roller Coaster:
Amusement Park"(????????USA)
Type: Steel - ??????
Status: Operating since ?????
Make / Model: Bolliger & Mabillard / ??????

Length: 2759'
Drop: 100'
Inversions: 2
Speed: 51 mph
Duration: 2:06

Im a bit baffled by this one fraid to say
Ok its a flying Coaster in the USA Smile
whos going to post the next one
i dont get it
well i say change the game a little so insted of ride info and that just base it on normal things to make it easyer

heres mine

__________ was the publisher of roller coaster tycoon 3
___________was the publisher of Rollercoaster Tycoon 2
right your turn
You next, ive submiited my ?
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