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ok, simple rules, sum1 asks a question to do with general knowledge(or any subject you can think of) and someone else answers it and asks another question.
And to make things more interesting i will hold a cheesy simple competition, whoever can ask a question that nobody in the forum knows will be the king of knowledge until such a time when some1 else can stump everyone with a harder question for a longer amount of time. So, here goes:

what is the name of the tallest building in the world, the name of the city and country it is in?
Is it the Jing Hei building, in Singapore i think, am i right.

Heres one, whats the main artery in the Human Body Called?
Aorta or Pulminary?
Aorta...correct, heres a hard one
Which Planet of the Solar System has two moons belonging to it, called Deimos and Phobos?
That would be Mars, the fourth one.

Which ancient Roman god was Mars, the planet, named for (what he did, his name was Mars, he's the god of _____)?

heres one, what is the worlds largest regional themepark?
2 guesses here, maybe Cedar Point or Six Flags Magic Mountain?
neither, it is six flags great adventure believe it or not lol gd guess thoSmileSmile

Which 2 japanese cities were hit with atomic bombs in ww2
Heroshimi and Nagisaki.

Okay..here's one.

In what American War was the biggest battle fought after the peace treaty was signed?
not a clue lol
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