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Full Version: Celebrating 6 years!
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[Image: 6years.png]
Six years ago today, RCTgo was launched under the name of Belloman Studios. Just months later, the site re-launched under its current name, RCTgo. We revolutionized sharing RCT content with the opening of the RCTgo downloads center many years ago, and we continue to be the fansite for coaster related content.

A year ago, I mentioned that RCTgo had 1,446 downloads. As of this writing, we host 2,188 downloads, including 1,181 tracks, 351 parks, 149 scenarios, 237 structures, 103 MixMaster objects, 49 peep groups, 89 pool complexes, and 27 custom scenery packs - certainly one of the largest collections of RCT and NoLimits downloads on the internet, and the most uploads in a year in our history.

Roller coasters are our passion. Here's to another great year of sharing, discussing, and exploring that passion. And thanks to everyone who continues to do just that.

Wow. Its great to hear six years!! 2,188 downloads and counting!!!!
There is practically more downloads than I will ever have time to view. Amazing how much we have grown.
Wow. Last year, we had 1446 downloads, and this year, we have 2188. That is over two-thirds of the downloads since this site started.
Keep up the good work, and I hope more is to come. Smile
Congrats RCTgo! =D

EDIT: Wow I've been gone for so long that 20 Build it! Rounds have come and gone. >_>

Where have you been?
Playing a game called "ROBLOX" :3
OMG, I have too.Smile
What is your username, mine is zachgamer77
(Feb 25, 2011, 10:00 PM)zach_gamer77 Wrote: [ -> ]OMG, I have too.Smile
What is your username, mine is zachgamer77

Mine is TC8950
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