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Title says it all... Smile

Extra information:
Soaked & Wild Needed
Not doing Revamps, Custom CTRs, Recreations, and Retextures SO DON'T ASK ABOUT THEM!

Step 1:
Open CTR Creator v0.85 or download it if needed. Search Google "CTR Creator V0.85 Download" or something like that. No link, sorry. Frown I'll find one soon.

Step 2:
Open CTR_BahnDaten_Empty_Template_Beginner
Picture:[Image: unledff.jpg]
Take a look at everything. Don't edit anything, as it will cause the CTR in RCT3 to not work.

Step 3:
Now its time to type alot. Wink :P
You should be thankful I'm typing all of this for you. Smile
This is the "classic" StormRunner on Extended.

RideName RCTGo Example Test
RideDescription made by Master_RCT3
RideIcon CTR
RideCategory 3
CarTypeName StormRunner
TrackType Track5
TrackSectionName (not going to list them. Find under tracksections (addons)
Picture of .txt: [Image: unled1mj.jpg]
Picture of tracksections: [Image: unled2rn.jpg] Notice on the top left, it says something about a dive loop. Track5 ends on 'DivingLoop90Right'

Step 4:
Saving. This may seem stupid, but it has rules! :O
Remember: You ALWAYS MUST HAVE CTR_BahnDaten_ AT THE BEGINNING OR IT WON'T WORK! I saved it as: CTR_BahnDaten_RCTGo_Example

Step 5:
CTR Creator. Now you want to go into the CTR Creator. The icon should look like a red roller coaster with a peep.
Click on Read CTR_BahnDaten .txt This means find the .txt document you just saved.
After you do that, you will click the box 1 below it. It says Write CTR_BahnDaten.txt This makes sure that there are no errors. If there is an error it will say Error! 717 ... this means something is wrong.
The last thing is Create Ride .ovls this will make the .ovls for the ride, they will be created in the CTR Creator V0.85 Folder. The Folder should come up as: CTR_RCTGo_Example (because thats how I made it)

Step 6:
Installation. Place in tracks/trackedrides. Basically self-explanatory. Here is a picture to help you. [Image: unled3es.jpg]

If you need help, leave a comment, or PM me.


I think some new people to CTRs will fine this usefull!
Still sounds complicated
^ It is somewhat complicated. Wait till I make the advanced version. :O
Sorry for double post, but has this actually helped anybody?
Ok I found my problem, and my ctr works Smile I forgot to put the track type so it would always crash my game... NEVER FORGET TO PUT THE TRACK TYPE!!!!!
Wink I'm glad I helped you.
Hey, when i try to read a CTR_BahnDaten.txt file i get this error: access violation at address 00536CC2 in module Ctr_creatorV0.85.exe. Read of address 000003E0.
is there anyone with a solution for that?
^ I've never seen that error before. Could you possible post a picture of it? If that happens, delete the folder, and download it again. I think that may be you're problem.
(Jul 28, 2011, 04:02 PM)Master_RCT3 Wrote: [ -> ]^ I've never seen that error before. Could you possible post a picture of it? If that happens, delete the folder, and download it again. I think that may be you're problem.

Hey, thanks for the tip, i have fixt the first problem by reinstalling it, but when i hit istall ride.ovls it gives me this error
Quote:Error717! Bahn-Folder cannot be created(ErrorValue=3).
Mabye RCT3.exe-application path in options is wrong?
I have checked the path and is correct, i m hoping you have a solution for this toSmile
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