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Full Version: Extro's Scenarios Thread
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UPDATE: Added a new scenario Today 2012/03/04

Mountain River ( Link is bellow )

As always feel free to comment... Thx

Hi everyone,

I started this thread in order to try to gather information about the scenarios I'm creating. I would really like to see some screenshots and to get your comments. Good or Constructively Bad. I would also like to know what are your favorite park themes.

This information would be of great value to me in order to create the most entertaining scenarios possible...

Many Thanks in advance...

Extro Smile

Downloads Page - http://rctgo.net/downloads/members/11119

Mountain River - http://rctgo.net/downloads/view/3514
Ghost Valley - http://rctgo.net/downloads/view/3448
Peepsville - http://rctgo.net/downloads/view/3387
DreamsLand - http://rctgo.net/downloads/view/3259
Fortress Island - http://rctgo.net/downloads/view/3298
I really do like Fortress Island. I'm looking forward to some more scenarios from you Smile.
Great scenarios, can't wait for more.
Hi everyone...

Just added a new scenario today... The link is in the top post...

I'm starting to run out of ideas... I certainly would appreciate some input...

I find it strange that my Scenarios were downloaded close to 700 times and that I get almost no feedback...

I guess you guys and gals are just too busy playing them... Wink

Thx to those who took a minute to give me feedbacks...



My Download page: http://rctgo.net/downloads/members/11119
would LOVE to see you do a traveling fair one <3 love your scenarios
ooh fairs would be pretty easy in rct3 and would look great! you could use my coaster twisted if you want, but if i ever make a park then i will use it. my user number is 11453

Before we go to the contest, I would like to thank everyone who are playing my scenarios. They were downloaded close to 1000 times as of today... to me this is a lot... I expected a few dozens when I first published DreamsLand...

Now with the contest... The first five players who posts a screenshot of the winning "King of country fair" message with a status bar showing a date no greater than September 15 of Year 2 as well as a good screenshot of his park will get to play my next scenario beforehand as beta testers... C'mon, don't be shy...

Extro Smile

Mountain River - http://rctgo.net/downloads/view/3514

Sounds like a challenge! Alright, I'm in.

(Mar 4, 2012, 03:35 PM)RCTNinFreek Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds like a challenge! Alright, I'm in.

I knew that, amongst the silent majority, a charitable soul would answer my call... Biggrin

Can't wait to see your park...

Extro Smile
This scenarios are real feasts for the eyes. I just took a look into Peeps Insland. But I have yet to play one of them, as the objectives tell me they take a long time.
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