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Full Version: 7 Years of RCTgo
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[Image: 7years.png]

Seven years ago today, a little forum by the name of Belloman Studios was founded. Just a few months later, a website was created to go with the forums, and a few months after that, the name RCTgo was adopted. To be honest, it's hard to believe we've come this far - but despite all the bumps and changes along the way, RCTgo is still here doing everything we can to be the best source for everything RollerCoaster Tycoon.

In the years since our founding in 2005, we have gone from a small, rarely visited forum to one of the largest RCTgo fansites on the web, hosting well over 3,000 member-submitted downloads for the benefit of all our guests. Our growth in the past year alone has been unbelievable - traffic more than doubled over the course of the past year. And there's no sign of that trend slowing.

I'd like to finish with a thank you to all of our great members. Without you, none of this would be possible. RCTgo would not have had its biggest year yet, and you'd have one less place to share your passion for roller coasters. We've had an amazing 7 years so far, and are looking forward to being around for several more. Here's to another great year! Biggrin

Happy birthday rctgo.net Biggrin
Happy birthday RCTgo! Smile
happy birthday RCTgo Biggrin
Happy Birthday Rctgo! XD Biggrin Biggrin
Congrats on getting this far and good luck with the future of the site! Happy Birthday to the community Biggrin
Happy Birthday RCTGO!!!Biggrin
HAppy Bday RCTGO! Biggrin Your awesome!
Happy Birthday Rctgo, Keep it up(:
Luv this Site Congrats RTCGo
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