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Full Version: VPyro fireworks
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Hello i need some fireworks can anyone get the vpyro firework pack 12 for me.
I cant log in because my sister is banned from vpyro and we are on the same network the network IP is banned i cannot login or create an account. please get the firework pack for me.
Just upload it on rapidshare and PM the link to me thanks.
i do not have a vpryo account, but maybe you can sign up in an incognito window (in google chrome, right click on the icon at the bottom of your screen and hit open an incognito window. in firefox, click the menu tab, and hit start private browsing). this might work, but i dunno.

I really hate how you have to have an account to download, and you have to pay to get an account [Image: image.php?theme=moodleofficial&image=s%2Fno&rev=646]
Can still not login.
if you will be happy if i would of gave you leds and fireworks
When you try to log into vpyro by bypassing the system, like incognito windows, not only you won't have access, your IP will be identified, to all of you trying to access our site to get fireworks that are FREE anyway, cause nobody has to pay anything, if you were banned there is a reason for it, and you are putting this site in legal trouble by trying to upload effects you are not entitled to it, so stop doing it or we will take the issue with the managers of this site.
Claudio, co-administrator of vPyro.