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Full Version: Welcome to our new home at RCTgo.com!
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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to mention that we are back up and running at our new home, RCTgo.com! The transfer went very smoothly and everything should be set up.

There are a few things we have left to fix though:
  • There may be some places where screenshots aren't loading. There were over 8,000 screenshots on rctgo.net but somehow only around 7,500 made the transfer. I'm still trying to figure out what the missing ones are.
  • I'll also be going through the entire website to make sure everything is working as it should. There could be some unexpected things that I have to fix - I'll get to them as soon as possible!

If you notice anything that looks like it needs to be fixed, please let me know! Just send me a private message or send me an email and I'll fix it as soon as I can.

Thanks for everyone's patience during this process, and once again, welcome to our new home!

Smile Hello RCTgo.com! Pleasure to meet you :3
Im glad it went well!
Indeed >=D
I like the new header. Smile
i'm happy my sis let me use her laptop while i was away 2day Biggrin

RCTgo.com .com RCTgo.com .com
Nice One Biggrin! Goodbye RCTgo.NET! Hello RCTgo.COM! Biggrin
Wow, this place is pretty nice! Too bad that I wasn't here when the move took placeFrown oh well Rolleyes
well done on the successful move.

It's a shame about the screenshots though, was wondering why my screenshots weren't showing up in my old thread in the affilliates forum. Was wanting to see the old layout to find out if I saved it... was looking to get my site back online as an RCT3 tutorial center.

EDIT: I also noticed that emails still seem to be coming from [email protected]

Is that an error or have you just not had a chance to update that pprocess yet?
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