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Full Version: Announcing Build It! Round 100
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Hello everyone!

Today I am pleased to announce a very special round of the Build It! Competition: Round 100! For the 100th Round of our ongoing track-building competition, we will be making a few changes to let as many people as possible take part.

Changes to Round 100
To start, we will have a 1-week "building" period, starting today, before entries open. This will allow those not yet ready to enter to finish their tracks and make them ready for what is sure to be the best round of Build It! yet.

Entries will open at some point on Saturday, August 4. Entries will then remain open for three days, until Tuesday, August 7. We will accept all entries submitted during this time, without a limit on the number of entries submitted. This will let as many people as possible take part. If needed, we will extend the deadline until we receive at least 5 entries.

When entries close on August 11, we will open voting as usual, however, if more than 5 entries are submitted, we will allow you to vote for more than one entry (the actual number to be determined by the number of entries). If need be, we'll have a second round of voting, where you vote for one entry, to determine the final winner.

Finally, there's one last change to voting: The author will be displayed alongside the track. As videos and the like have become more prevalent, it's been easier to tell who created certain tracks, and so we'll be displaying the author going forward. Our hope is that this will simplify the process and that it won't have an adverse effect on voting.

Changes going forward
After Round 100, we'll be keeping a few aspects of Round 100 to change up the competition a bit. First, entries will be open for at least 24 hours, no matter what, to allow as many entries as possible to come in during that time. If fewer than 4 entries are received during the first 24 hours, we'll keep the entries open until a minimum of 4 are received. Additionally, the author will still be displayed alongside the track.

Changes to the system
With the updates to the Downloads Center, the Build It! system has seen some updates as well. The entry system will be the same as the new upload script, with some tweaks to fit the Build It! Competition. Additionally, voting will be redesigned to place more emphasis on the screenshots and to match the updates to the Downloads Center.

I hope everyone is excited for what should be the best round of Build It! yet!

Yipeee! This takes a lot of pressure off of me worrying about getting my entry in on time. So where do I submit my track?
You have to wait Alex until 1 weeks time. God luck for Affinity!
Good luck to **************** to **** ******. (* because name and coaster. You know who you are...)
Entries can be submitted at rctgo.com/build-it/upload, as usual, starting next Saturday, August 4.
That's actually a good thing because the EIN stats that RCTgomatthew gave me could be wrong, and I will be at home by then.
300th Post, WOO!

Uhhmm, I know two people who are entering this round and so I say good luck to both of you.
You do know that we need at least four people, right? You have a week to make one!
Yes I do, I was only saying good luck =/
I think you should enter.
Wait whaa...? Ill get beaten by you!
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