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Full Version: Email issue
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Hi everyone,

There was an issue with the server causing emails to not send from the forums or the website. Unfortunately, this means anyone who registered after we switched to the new server, until now, was not able to activate their forum accounts.

If this was the case for you, you should now be able to activate your account after resending the activation email. To do this, you just need to login, then go to your User Control Panel. From there, there should be a link to resend your activation email.

If you have any trouble with this, please feel free to contact me using the Contact forum on the website.

Thanks for your understanding!

Is that why so many people have accounts, but they haven't activated their accounts?
No. It is not.
(^^) They sign up just for the sake of it, well that's what I think Smile
Justin needs to delete all of those!
Probably more than a few hundred unregistered users Smile
User accounts that are still unactivated after 90 days are automatically deleted.

Right now there are 930 unactivated user accounts.
930 in 90 days? O_o
WOW that's alot Smile

The 89th day you activate it, wow....LOL Smile
Actually it used to be 180 days... I just changed it to 90 today though. Wink
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