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Full Version: Introducing the new RCTgo home page
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Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce the unveiling of the new, redesigned RCTgo home page. You'll notice it probably looks pretty familiar - after all, it's not all that different from the page it replaces. However, it's been cleaned up, modernized, and given some fresh new features to make it an even better representation of everything RCTgo is.

One such new feature is the "Featured Download" section. While right now it's featuring a park I created a few years back, all future featured downloads will be suggested and voted on by you, our wonderful visitors.

Just hop on over to rctgo.com/featured-downloads to get suggesting. You can then vote up other suggestions that you'd also like to see featured. About once a week, we'll take the download with the most votes at the time and feature it on the home page.

Please feel free to let me know what you think!

Yay! I knew it would come. Glad you put Downloads instead of Coaster.
I love the new "Latest Downloads" list design!
The new homepage is definitely much more refreshing & pleasing to the senses.
My concern are those downloads that do not have any screenshots attached. Too many & they become an eyesore. Is that any way to go about that?
^ 'or Justin could change the No Screenshots image to a more pleasing image with the RCTgo logo on it maybe.
Downloads that don't have a screenshot are excluded from being listed on the home page.
^ That's good to know, that way the homepage will always look presentable, as it should.
Thanks Justin, & keep up the good work.
[Image: topic-thumbsup.gif]
Nice, I prefer this version! If I didn't well...I would have to put up with this one, but I like it!
Justin, once again you have proved how amazing you are! Keep it up!

Very nice. Much cleaner look.
^^^^ But Justin, what about if people put screenshots on their downloads later but they are still able to be shown on the Home Page, as in not many people have uploaded things?
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