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Full Version: Theme Park Studio - Screenshots, Custom Scenery, and More
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Hi all,

We've received a few more updates on the development of Theme Park Studio from Pantera Entertainment. An introduction and previous update are also available.

Quote:Theme Park Studio has a target release of Summer 2013. The game will feature a collection of tools that will allow players to build amazing looking theme parks, roller coasters, flat rides, scenery, landscaping, and more.

Theme Park Studio will rely heavily on a community of players creating new rides & attractions, sharing their theme parks and creations, so building up a base of interested players is very important to us.

To keep up with the latest from Pantera Entertainment regarding Theme Park Studio, please Like their Facebook page at facebook.com/ThemeParkStudio.

General Screenshots and New Logo

[Image: TPS_Screenshot1.jpg]

[Image: TPS_Screenshot2.jpg]

[Image: TPS_Screenshot3.jpg]

[Image: Theme_Park_Studio_Logo_Square.jpg]

[Image: Troika_001.jpg]

[Image: Troika_002.jpg]

[Image: Theme_Park_Studio_Logo.jpg]

Flat Ride Video

Discuss this video at the Video Theater

A quick render of one of the flat rides for Theme Park Studio, Huss Troika.

Custom Scenery Video

Discuss this video at the Video Theater

Quote:This video showcases our "Custom Scenery Module" by re-creating the castle seen in the previous particle effects video. It demonstrates importing custom meshes, creating complex objects through basic shapes, easy transformation through hot keys, switching materials, and copying sub-objects.

In addition to importing custom textures and meshes built using modeling software, players will be able to create custom-built attractions and scenery out of simple objects and share them with others. Theme Park Studio will thrive on custom-built, user generated content. We want to encourage players to create new rides and scenery, and be able to share them with other players within the community.

Custom Scenery Screenshots

[Image: CustomScenery1.png]

[Image: CustomScenery2.png]

[Image: CustomScenery3.png]
Pantera would also appreciate it if you would respond to a Facebook poll between PC vs. Mac availability: https://www.facebook.com/ThemeParkStudio...1278330052
can't wait
The only thing bad about that structure is the windows.
The 'Epic' one Smile Well done!