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Full Version: Theme Park Studio Update: "Giant Frisbee" and Official Website
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Hi all,

We've just received another update from Theme Park Studio:

Quote:Today we are releasing images of another new ride created for Theme Park Studio, a Giant Frisbee! A popular attraction found at large amusement parks such as Cedar Point, Kings Island, Canada's Wonderland, Fuji-Q Highland, and many more!

We want to stress that players will be able to build amazing looking parks with the tools featured in Theme Park Studio. While the game will come with a variety of ride types, the amount of flexibility we are giving players to "create anything" or import into the game is virtually limitless. You will be able to create stunning looking parks, re-create your favorites, or just tinker with the construction tools and have fun.

Theme Park Studio will thrive on user-generated content, and we are hoping to build up several communities on a number of different sites who will contribute models, textures, scenery, and even full park maps. Much like the Minecraft communities where you can share everything, Theme Park Studio will encourage players to construct and swap their creations with others.

Theme Park Studio will be available Summer 2013 via our recently launched official website: http://www.themeparkstudio.com

[Image: GiantFrisbee_001.jpg]

[Image: GiantFrisbee_002.jpg]

[Image: GiantFrisbee_003.jpg]

[Image: GiantFrisbee_004.jpg]

[Image: GiantFrisbee_005.jpg]

[Image: GiantFrisbee_007.jpg]
That looks sexy.
What if this never come out..
We lived passed NL2, we can live passed this.

Edit: Never mind, we can't.